The bookshelf trick

Bookshelf with my book

My book sits alongside business bestsellers like Seth Godin

Here’s how I helped myself see my book as a real, tangible thing, and the project completed.  As an added bonus, I’m mentally shelving my book alongside works of some of the biggest and best-selling business writers.  Feels good!


About Stephanie Cage

I am a writer and coach based in Yorkshire, England. I believe there are a many 'right ways' to write as there are writers. The best gift writers can give themselves is the space and support to explore their own 'right way.' That's why, for most writers, coaching is as valuable as, or even more valuable than, traditional 'how-to-write' training. I work with writers to help them become the best writers they can be - whatever that means for them. My own books are 'Desperate Bid', from The Wild Rose Press, and 'Perfect Partners', coming in 2013 from Crimson Publishing.
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One Response to The bookshelf trick

  1. That’s great Stephanie – I love it!!! Seeing it the with the books you love which have been best sellers. How delicious!! I’m SO looking forward to reading it.

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