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This site is no longer active, and in fact I assumed it had long since disappeared from the web until I clicked through by accident from a comment on a friend’s WordPress blog.  So just in case anyone else does the same, you can now find me at where I’m blogging my novel The Crash.

Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I post as @Stephaniewriter.

Or find all my books on Amazon UK or Amazon US

I’m pretty sure when I wrote those first few posts below (before I abandoned WordPress for the relative simplicity of blogger) I didn’t imagine I’d ever have anything like this many books to list.  Who was it who said we always overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in ten?


About Stephanie Cage

I am a writer and coach based in Yorkshire, England. I believe there are a many 'right ways' to write as there are writers. The best gift writers can give themselves is the space and support to explore their own 'right way.' That's why, for most writers, coaching is as valuable as, or even more valuable than, traditional 'how-to-write' training. I work with writers to help them become the best writers they can be - whatever that means for them. My own books are 'Desperate Bid', from The Wild Rose Press, and 'Perfect Partners', coming in 2013 from Crimson Publishing.
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